Remaining Show Me The Funny comics struggle with Welsh rugby crowd

Dan Mitchell (Show Me The Funny)

It's another tough week for the male Show Me The Funny comics tomorrow night, with the remaining comics struggling to win over a Welsh rugby crowd. So far all of the eliminated comedians have been men, with female stand ups Ellie Taylor and Tiffany Stevenson winning over the judges... so far.

It's a trend that continues tonight, as the comics head to Pontypridd in Wales where they will come face to face with their next audience, a burly team of Rugby players.

Their next challenge will be to pull in pub punters with a themed night and the team with the highest takings will decide on the gig’s running order as well as assigning two 10-minute slots to the comedians of their choice.

With a highly charged audience of sportsmen to contend with, it’s set to be a game of two halves, but who will emerge from the scrum unscathed?


Back on his home turf, Welshman Dan predicts confidently: “I get so Welsh when I’m in Wales so with a bit of rugby added in I may just explode… Being on my home patch I’m just more comfortable. I know my surroundings, I know the history, I know how they speak so there are lots of advantages.”

But Dan is in for a tougher time than anticipated when his local crowd turn on him with relentless heckling. Will he get them on side in time to salvage his place in the competition?

Meanwhile with everything at stake in the run up to the final, winning the challenges is more important than ever as each comedian goes gung-ho in an attempt to reign supreme.

In a desperate attempt to pull in punters Pat and Tiffany go for a stunt themed spectacle while Ellie and Dan decide on a Tom Jones tribute. Things are less eventful for Stuart and Alfie as they struggle to get people through the doors and Stuart admits: “I’m on the verge of having a panic attack.”

The aspiring comedians call for reinforcements in the form of local belly dancers; but is it too little too late? Stuart remarks: “The landlord said they usually get in seven or eight people on a Tuesday night” to which Alfie replies optimistically: “We beat that by two at times.”

Show Me The Funny continues tonight at 9PM on ITV1.

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