INTERVIEW: A chat with Show Me The Funny's Rudi Lickwood

Rudi Lickwood

Rudi Lickwood became the latest comic to be given the boot on Monday’s fourth Show Me The Funny episode, with the 47-year-old’s being shown the door by judges Alan Davies and Kate Copstick. We caught up with the man himself for a quick chat about his time on the show…

Having been on the circuit for the best part of two decades after first coming onto the comedy scene as an Eddie Murphy look-a-like in 1989 aged 26, Rudi has plenty of experience - but admits he found it tough taking part in the reality show...

How did you feel this week’s gig went?
Ahh man, it wasn’t a bad gig. I don’t think it was as bad as it come across but I did feel as though I could’ve done better. It was like another day at the office, you go the office 5 days a week and one day you might have a bad day so I guess it was my bad day.

There were three of you called back to see the judges and bad comments all around, did you expect to go?
I didn’t initially feel it, because I didn’t really feel my gig was so bad. But once I got into the room and the conversation began, I knew that I wasn’t going to fit into the type of comic that Kate or Alan were looking for. I know I let down Jo Brand, because she knows me, and she knows what I’m capable of, and I felt short of that.

Did you think it hard writing for the show?
I did find it different to what I do, normally as a stand up as opposed to writing a straight gag I try to create a routine that creates a wall of laughter and that can sometimes take up to a week to maybe 3 months, to actually work out where everything is terms of mannerisms, delivery and just getting the wording right. So yeah, it was different.

Which of the gigs did you find the hardest?
I guess… for me… I wouldn’t say the hardest to write for but it wasn’t trying to get the best material for, which was the kids. I had so many ideas that I wanted to put across , like the teachers are the role models not the popstars that are out there. To be safe when it came to stuff like that. Trying to fit that into five minutes was hard.

Which of the other comics do you think could go on to win?
Everyone’s done well… Alfie has started to show himself, at long last, for me anyway. I think Tiffany is up for a really good chance. I think Patrick… the sheer fact he has an abundance of energy has made him really nice.

I think Dan could be good as we don’t have many Welsh comedians on the stage anyway, it’ll give us a new perspective to comedy. Which is what I was trying to do, I’m black British I was really hoping of bringing that cross

Any regrets about appearing on the show?
Nah... it was the time I did reality TV, I didn’t realize the amount of stress . I saw myself on TV I didn’t recognise me.

There were loads they didn’t show of us having a great time. I’ve never been under such scrutiny 24/7, which explains why Jack Dee jumped out of Big Brother because as stands up were using to performing when on stage but I’m one of those comedians who can perform 24/7. I like to talk about the things I want to talk about on stage.

Your time on the show is over, but what do you have lined up for the future?
I’ve got loads coming up, I’m going to Las Vegas in November, my agent has managed to set me up some gigs out there.

I’m really looking forward to that. I’m back out with the troops again, I always look forward to entertaining the boys.

I’ve got a show Work In Progress at the Etcetera Theatre in Candem on September 12. I’ve got a DVD being edited called Boxsmart where I play the role of the father who didn’t realise he had a son, I’m looking forward for that film coming out I’m working up until March 2012, I’ll be up and down the country so people can Twitter me.

You can follow Rudi on Twitter @RudiLickwood

Show Me The Funny continues on Monday

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