Rudi Lickwood becomes latest Show Me The Funny comic to get the chop

Rudi Lickwood

After a tough gig in front of doctors and nurses on tonight's latest show, Rudi Lickwood became the latest comic to get the chop, although not before the judges had some harsh words for three of the comics. This week the judges were joined by ex-nurse and comedian, Jo Brand.

Following the gigs, many of which left a lot to be desired, the panel decided that Alfie, Stuart, Ellie and Rudi will be called back to see them.

After praising Alfie’s act for finally using his job as a policeman to connect with the audience, the judges spoke to the remaining three, with Ellie Taylor making her first appearance in front of the judges after three weeks with great reviews.

A tense showdown ensued as they questioned whether the stand-ups had what it takes to win the competition and pull off their own tour.


Jo Brand kicked off proceedings by offering her verdict on Rudi: “I thought you did far too much faffing about with the audience when actually you could have filled that time much better with some jokes.”

Alan added: “Unfortunately Rudi you’re coming from a long way back after last week. You really had to pull something out the bag tonight.”

Kate reserved her harshest judgment for a ropey Stuart and said: “If your ar*e stays as tight as it is it’s not going to be on that stage for much longer.”

With egos bruised it was then down to the final decision where all judges unanimously voted for Rudi to be eliminated.

As he exited the competition Rudi said: “There’s a lot for me to feel disappointed about because it was quite clear that I hadn’t stormed the gig. But it is what it is, no gig is ever perfect.”

Show Me The Funny continues next Monday on ITV1.

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