Tonight's telly: Show Me The Funny comics turn on each other!

Ellie Taylor

The remaining aspiring stands up on Show Me The Funny turn on each tonight as the competition nears its final stages. With just a couple of weeks to go until the live final at the Hammersmith Apollo, the seven comics still standing clash as tension in the group rises.

This week the comics’ must brace themselves for accidents and emergencies as they head to a hospital for their latest gig.

They are placed into three teams where they must create a 20 minute radio show for staff and patients with the winners deciding on this week’s running order, but when the task winners reveal their running order arguments erupt.


The controversial line up is put in place with a clear strategic intention to take all comedians out of their comfort zones.

Realising that the female comedians have been placed together for competitive purposes, Ellie complains: “Putting the two women together is like we’re two novelty acts and it shouldn’t be like that.”

Meanwhile as they approach the largest gig of the competition so far, nerves seem to get the better of the comics with side-eyes and crafty comments exchanged between them.

With tensions rising and camaraderie out of the window Tiffany observes: “I think we’ve all been a bit nice to each other until now, tip-toeing around. But the mental digs are starting a little bit now and they’re trying to put people off their gig.”

Tune in to find out who will be the next comedian to be eliminated from Show Me The Funny tonight at 9PM on ITV1.

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