Stuart Goldsmith and Rudi Lickwood clash on tonight's Show Me The Funny

Stuart Goldsmith

The remaining Show Me The Funny comics must brace themselves for accidents and emergencies as they head to a hospital for their latest gig in tonight's show, and it's a rough start for Rudi Lickwood and Stuart Goldsmith. The pair clash when paired up for a challenge, with Stuart admitting to being scared of former Eddie Murphy impersonator Rudi.

The stand ups are placed into three teams where they must create a 20 minute radio show for staff and patients with the winners deciding on this week’s running order. Each comedian will need to use their hospital experience to create brand new material for an audience of medics, but who will survive their gig and who will flat-line on stage?


As they are placed into teams for their latest challenge, Stuart seems immediately wary of his partner Rudi and comments sheepishly: “He’s quite abrupt and I fear him… He’s a scary guy.”

With the two chalk and cheese comedians struggling to work side-by-side, a side-lined Rudi reacts forcefully in front of one of the doctors: “I don’t feel like we’re working together anymore bruv, I’m losing that vibe with you.”

An uneasy Stuart responds: “You told me off in front of a doctor,” but Rudi’s onslaught shows no sign of waning as he continues: “I say what I mean and I mean what I say.” As he stalks off, Stuart is left wondering whether he will come back at all.

Feeling the strain of teamwork Rudi rants: “He’s a white middle class guy who did clowning, and he’s now into stand-up comedy. Big deal. I deserve what is owed to me for the amount of time I’ve been doing this.”

The two comics eventually embrace their differences with an ‘Ebony and Ivory’ radio show… But will it prove to be an ill-fated operation?

Show Me The Funny, ITV1, 9PM

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