Cole Parker becomes the latest to exit Show Me The Funny

Cole Parker

Cole Parker and Rudi Lickwood both found themselves in the bottom two on last night's latest Show Me The Funny episode, with 37-year-old Cole becoming the latest stand up to get the boot from the show. For their latest gig, the 8 remaining comics were asked to perform to an audience of young school kids.

Once they’d all performed their set, it was back to class to find out who failed to make the grade and would be heading home.

But that wasn't before the a bit of infighting between the judges!

As the panel decide who should be brought back in the bottom two, guest judge Ross Noble had a dig at the ever-stern Kate Copstick, mockingly impersonating her cut throat approach: “If I had an ounce of humanity in my soul…”


But she bluntly interrupted: “That’s not what I’m here for.”

With the judges finally settled, they agreed to call back Rudi and Cole to discover their fate, with Kate’s sharp tongue immediately cutting in: “Rudi, you need to get over yourself. You’re too old, too ugly and too experienced to be mucking about like this, but I believe you could do better.”

Next up was Cole, with Alan Davies offering some constructive advice: “Cole you’re in my bottom two each week, you need to find out who you are.”

But Kate’s judgment was far more severe, blasting: “Cole I think you’re quite sh*t. I’ve seen you three weeks on the trot and I don’t think you are a good comic and I don’t think you can read a room. Your comedic ego has been writing cheques that your talent can’t cash, obviously for many, many, many years.”

With a unanimous vote, Cole became the latest stand up to be sent packing - but before he left the process, he apologised to Kate Copstick, saying: “I’m sorry if I upset you.” Cole goes on to reflect to himself: “I think comedy is objective, it’s like music and not everyone likes every type so fair enough. I had a good show.”

Three weeks remain in the opportunity of a lifetime for one aspiring comic. Tune in to find out who will fall next in the stand-up competition.

Show Me The Funny continues next Monday at 9PM on ITV1.

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