Rudi Lickwood walks off the stage mid-gig in tonight's Show Me The Funny!

Rudi Lickwood

Comic Rudi Lickwood walked off the stage half way through his five minute gig in tonight's latest Show Me The Funny episode, failing to win over an audience of school children. The 47-year-old flopped on stage with his jokes about drugs to 14-year-olds.

With the eight remaining comedians sitting backstage awaiting to be called up, Ellie Taylor reflects on what's to come: “I suppose it’s a little less intimidating than the army gig last week knowing that the threat of really scary heckling and some kind of mob attack is limited.”


But it seems the Ellie may have underestimated their audience, as the comics are soon eaten alive by the young critics with Dan even calling one young heckler a “spiteful cow”.

But it's Rudi who really struggles with the tough crowd.

He tries to joke: “If you’re going to take drugs work for Boots. Don’t do any of this Ketamine stuff,” i

But it quickly becomes apparent that his comedy is slightly wide of the mark with the under-14’s. While his competitors watch on open-mouthed, Rudi admits: “I feel like I’m dying here.”

Unable to endure even five minutes under the spotlight, Rudi walks off stage early, but will he find himself expelled in this week’s task?

See who goes and which how the other comics fair on tonight's Show Me The Funny on ITV1 at 9PM.

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