Tonight's telly: Show Me The Funny comics go back to school

Show Me The Funny Stuart

This week's third Show Me The Funny episode sees the eight remaining comics head back to school, but who will come out top of the comedy class? They are each tasked with keeping a group of 12-14 year olds entertained before performing five minutes of brand new material to the adolescent audience.

It's a tough and unusual audience for the comics, who'll have to tone down their acts and keep the attention of a hyperactive bunch of youngsters. To help them, show host Jason Manford sends the aspiring stand ups back to school to get to know what makes today's children laugh.

The comedians are put into pairs and set a challenge to devise an agenda of secondary school classes, but for Rudi the idea of being back in the playground is far from fun. Seething at their latest task, Rudi remarks: “I never lasted a single term at school. I was suspended every term and then I got expelled.”


For policeman Alfie who decides to hold a crime scene investigation class, getting to grips with young people also proves to be a bit of a stumbling block as he asks: “So… has anybody ever seen a dead body? That’s probably a bad question to ask.”


But it gets worse when one pupil responds: “I have, I saw my aunt at her funeral.” Alfie sympathetically replies: “Ahh well she was in a big box, so it’s not so bad.” The laughing policeman is then met with an awkward silence from the youngsters as challenge partner, Ellie, looks on.

The comedians will have to get the right tone if they are to come up trumps at the school gig, but will they readjust themselves in time?

Show Me The Funny Ellie

Meanwhile for Cole and Stuart - who decide on a puppetry class - things soon descend into chaos with a Punch and Judy style showdown.

As ex circus performer Stuart, goes full steam ahead with his idea of vegetable puppets, “bad boy” Cole - in last week's bottom two - sits it out and voices his concerns: “I am slightly concerned that what we’re doing is a little bit child-like for 12 and 13-year-olds. If they think we’re a couple of d*cks in the classroom then they’re not going to trust us on stage.”

With class dismissed, Stuart has some stern words for Cole as he fumes: “I just don’t think we were presenting a united front.”

A disruptive Cole replies sarcastically: “Clearly I’ve got under your skin and I don’t want to do that.”

Show Me The Funny airs at 9PM on ITV1 tonight.

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