Kate Copstick: TV stand-up is as real as Cheryl Cole's hair!

Show Me The Funny judges

Show Me The Funny judge Kate Copstick has described TV stand up as about as real as Cheryl Cole's hair, slamming edited, fake and manufactured comedy shows such as Live At The Apollo. Speaking to the Daily Mail, Kate said poloshed shows had given audience a false impression of stand up.

"Live gigs are where comedy lives," Katie said, "I agree with Alan Davies - my fellow judge on the ITV1 series Show Me The Funny, which is searching for the next stand up superstar - who says TV comedy is given a fake sheen by excessive editing and polishing, and the addition of canned laughter if the audience isn't amused enough."

Katie continued: "Comedy panel shows are scripted, prepared and heavily cut-and-pasted to get that off-the-cuff hilarity that we love so much on Have I Got News For You.

"Don't ever think these shows are a bravura of quick-fire comedic brilliance. They are fantasy. Does your hair look like Cheryl Cole's after a couple of washes in whatever shampoo she thinks she's worth? No. And TV stand up is about as real as Cheryl's locks."

Kate Copstick and Alan Davies join guest judge Ross Noble on tonight's Show Me The Funny, 9PM on ITV1.

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