Prince Abdi has "no regrets" following Show Me The Funny stint

Prince Abdi

Aspiring stand up Prince Abdi has said he has "no regrets" following his less than brilliant time on new ITV1 talent series Show Me The Funny. Speaking after his exit on last night's second episode, Prince vowed to continue on with the gigging and comedy.

The 28-year-old, who has been performing on the circuit for four years, struggled on last night's show as the remaining comics took to the the stage in front of some 250 rowdy squaddies.

An annoyed judge Kate Copsick said of his act: "He made me nervous, and angry, and irritated!”


And after finding himself in the bottom two alongside Cole Parker, Katie gave him a royal dressing down for again using his awful accents: “You do remember last week we told you that you were appalling at accents other than your own?... A bit of crap is still too much crap in five minutes.”

But Prince was glad Katie was honest with him, he said after his exit: "When I get criticized, you have to take criticism as a positive. So I didn’t see that as a negative."

The Somalian-born comic, who hopes to become a role model for youngsters by going from a deprived area of London to the stage of London's theatres, told TellyMix he had no regrets at all about taking part in the series.

"Regrets are for losers!" Prince laughed. "I don’t have any regrets at all, it’s been a great experience, a big opportunity, it wasn’t to be but it’s not the end of world."

Show Me The Funny continues next Monday at 9PM.

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