INTERVIEW: Prince Abdi talks 'Show Me The Funny'

Prince Abdi

Stand up Prince Abdi was given his marching orders on last night’s second Show Me The Funny episode, with the 28-year-old’s horrible Scottish accent getting few laughs from an audience full of squaddies. We caught up with the man himself for a quick chat about his short time on the show…

The Somalian-born funny man only became a full time stand up recently and here the former primary school teacher tells us about his time on the show...

Hi Price, so how did you feel the gig went?
It was a tough gig, a really tough gig. I gave it the best that I could but it wasn’t to be.

Do you think going first on affected your performance?
At the end of the day you’re doing new material, so where you go on the bill is not really the defining factor, it’s more a case of how well your material goes down with the audience and I think that was more of the case than anything else.

Kate was very harsh with her remarks, saying you made her irritated. What did you make of her comments?
I took them a bit differently, she also said she wanted to hug me. I don’t really think... when I get criticized, you have to take criticism as a positive. So I didn’t see that as a negative.


You said you felt it was harsh to be in the bottom two, so did you feel you’d done enough to stay?
It could have been anybody on the night and the judges chose me, it was just to be. I didn’t feel safe, even though I did the best I possibly could, I still felt I could go out. So it was just a case of the judges choosing who they want to go out and who they didn’t.

Did you find it hard writing new material every week?
We can write material as comedians, we just don’t know what’s going to work. What we may find funny might not go down well with the punters.

Which of the other comics impressed you the most?
Each week things worked out differently… the way comedy works is you can perform one night and storm it, then the next night someone else might storm it, he might storm it, you know? So everybody impressed me because they were all doing new material on stage, and on a different week it could have been someone else going out. For me, I was impressed by everybody every week. It very difficult, very difficult.

Do you have any regrets appearing on the show?
No at all, no. Regrets are for losers! I don’t have any regrets at all, it’s been a great experience, a big opportunity, it wasn’t to be but it’s not the end of world.

What are you up to now?
I’m still gigging on the circuit, I’m out and about, it’s not going to stop me doing comedy.

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