Prince Abdi becomes second comic eliminated from Show Me The Funny

Prince Abdi

Prince Abdi has become the the second aspiring comic to be eliminated from new ITV1 talent series Show Me The Funny. After a tough gig on the front line in front of 250 squaddies, it was back to trenches for the comedians to face the judges and discover their fate.

The nine comics had been given a rough time by the crowd who, helped by an open bar, were more than fine with letting their feelings on the jokes be known. After talking between themselves however the judges - Alan Davies, Kate Copstick and this week’s guest judge, comedy legend Bob Mortimer - decided on their bottom two.

Prince Abdi and Cole Parker were called to be given a harsh dressing down, with Price's opening routine coming under a lot of criticism. Alan Davies previously worried about Prince, saying: "My concern for all comics is that nerves get the better of them."


“Prince... he just made me nervous… There is also this very irritating giggle he does," Bob Mortimer said.

A furious Kate Copsick added: “He made me nervous, and angry, and irritated!”

Kate tells him: “You do remember last week we told you that you were appalling at accents other than your own?... A bit of crap is still too much crap in five minutes.”

Bob Mortimer however was kinder with his words, saying: “You’re incredibly likeable and that is number one for a comic, so you’ve got a chance but your lack of confidence is uncomfortable to watch.”

It was then down to the judge's votes to decide who will be eliminated, with Kate voting for Prince to go with Bob and Alan concurring.

After exiting the process, a crushed Prince said: “I feel like this week it was a bit harsh for me to be in the bottom two but it’s their opinion.”

Four weeks remain in the opportunity of a lifetime for one aspiring comic, Show Me The Funny continues next Monday at 9PM.

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