Cole Parker's prank fails to get the laughs on tonight's Show Me The Funny

Cole Parker

Tonight's latest Show Me The Funny episode sees the hopeful comics put through their paces as they are given a crash course in military training for their latest gig at an army barracks, however Cole Parker's attempt to lighten the mood fails to win laughs.

Cole decides to play a risky prank in front of the strict Drill Sergeant, saying: “I’ve got a little rouse I’m planning for parade. I’m not sure how it’s going to go down. It will either be a rip roaring comedy success…or not.”

But Cole is left red-faced when he gets a very public grilling for cutting the buttocks out of his fatigues. The Sergeant fumes: “Him with his ar*e hanging out of his combats, get him in my office that f**ker!” He adds: “I didn’t find it funny and I don’t think any of the squad did so he might be in for a bit of a rough night [at the gig].”

SMTF Cole Parker

Worried that he could have blown his chances with the audience, Cole reflects: “I may have shot myself in the foot here.”

Show Me The Funny continues at 9PM tonight on ITV1.

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