Remaining Show Me The Funny comics struggle with latest gig at an army barracks!

Prince Abdi

This week the remaining Show Me The Funny contestants are given a crash course in military training to help them prepare for their latest high-pressure gig; a stand-up night at a Scottish army barracks. With 250 squaddies and an open bar, the aspiring comics struggle with the rowdy crowd.

Preparing for their performance, the nine stand ups will immerse themselves in their audience’s world, shadowing the troops from the assault course to the gym in search of inspiraiton for their five minute set.

After a shaky first gig, Prince is desperate to prove himself on stage, but cheif judge Alan Davies is worried. “My concern for all comics is that nerves get the better of them," he says.

Given the opening slot, Prince is first under the spotlight but his incoherent routine is quickly met with awkward silences.


Watching backstage with the other contestants, Patrick comments: “That is why we put him on first because the crowd will be nicer. If we put him on last they would have killed him.”

As Prince leaves the stage a disgruntled punter moans: “He lost the plot a bit. He rambled on about some house. It made no sense whatsoever.”

But as the baying crowd grow more and more hostile, it seems Prince isn’t the only comic in the firing line…

As the free bar begins to take effect, the hecklers soon emerge in full force with female comic Ellie the first to be met with outbursts from the tipsy troops.

But refusing to be put off, when Patrick takes the stage he hits back at an audience member: “What was that? Where are you from mate? If you don’t know just look at the tag in the back of your uniform!” He gets a big laugh, but the Squaddies have only just begun…

SMTF Ellie Taylor

Cole seems to have less luck with the boisterous barracks as his earlier prank comes back to haunt him. Jason Manford comments from the stage door: “It’s a problem when a heckler get’s a bigger laugh than you!”

Tune in to find out who will be the next comedian to be eliminated from Show Me The Funny tonight at 9PM on ITV1.

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