Show Me The Funny comic Ignacio Lopez shocked to be eliminated!

Ignacio Lopez

The first comic to be eliminated from ITV1's new reality stand up show, Ignacio Lopez has said he was shocked to be eliminated on last night's programme. The 24-year-old Spanish lothario failed to win over the audience, with judge Kate Copsick describing the set as a "slow car crash".

Speaking TellyMix after his exit from the stand up show, Ignacio said he felt he had done enough to survive the judges vote against Prince Abdi.

He said: "To be honest I thought I had done enough to progress, right up until the moment the judges told us the results I thought I was through so it was a shock to me. It was a bit of a knockback."

The UK's only half-Spanish, half-Welsh comedian meanwhile tipped young stand up Ellie Taylor to do well on the new series. Ignacio told us: "I think everybody was surprised by Ellie because she’s only been doing stand up for a shorter time than I have [18 months], so she’s very inexperienced and still she came out as one of the most professional on the night. I think she made a huge impact.


"I also think Dan did a terrific job, I’ve seen him on the circuit and so I had very high hopes for him."

Talking after his exit, the former barman said he struggled with writing new material for the show, explaining: "I usually write material from something that has been embedded in me for a long time. A lot of my earlier jokes come like from British people on holiday when I was working in Spain.

"But thrust into Liverpool for a week to generate new material it was pretty hard. Now I’ve got pretty good material about Liverpool, it’s just a couple of months too late!"

Show Me The Funny continues next Monday at 9PM on ITV1.

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