INTERVIEW: Ignacio Lopez talks 'Show Me The Funny'

Ignacio Lopez

Stand up Ignacio Lopez was given his marching orders on last night's first Show Me The Funny episode, with the 24-year-old's Spanish lothario act getting only nervous laughter from a room full of local Liverpudlian women. We caught up with the man himself for a quick chat about his short time on the show...

The former Spanish barman only moved into comedy at the end of 2009 and despite a rough ride on the show tells us he has no plans on giving up and is working hard on his Edinburgh Festival Fringe appearance next month.

So, let’s talk about your gig, it didn’t go too well did it?
No and if it could be stricken for the record I’d appreciate it but unfortunately it’s being broadcast on national TV!

Kate said your character went away halfway through your set, do you agree with her?
I think perhaps I made the mistake of expecting everyone to understand this joke and stereotype and they may have actually thought I was genuine, like I was really this one dimensional, but it was just a play on my roots. Katie was correct, it fell short of the mark, my set was sloppy and it didn’t have a lot of consistency.

With hindsight do you think your ‘macho’ character was a good choice of act for a crowd full of women?
I think perhaps my material would’ve benefited if I hadn’t lost the audience with my initial attempt to charm.

You weren’t the only one who had trouble with the crowd in Liverpool, did you think you would be going?
To be honest I thought I had done enough to progress and right up until the moment the judges told us the results I thought I was through so it was a shock to me. It was a bit of a knockback.


You only took part in one of the gigs, but which of the other comics do you think go far?
I think everybody was surprised by Ellie because she’s only been doing stand up for a shorter time than I have [18 months], so she’s very inexperienced and still she came out as one of the most professional on the night. I think she made a huge impact. I also think Dan did a terrific job, I’ve seen him on the circuit and so I had very high hopes for him

Do you have any regrets from the show? Do you think it could harm your career?
It might harm it in the short term because people may think that it’s the only extent of my comedy talent which is a shame as it really isn’t, I’ve got a lot more going for me. I do have genuinely bulletproof material but we had to write new stuff for the show. I don’t regret appearing because I’ve only been gigging a year and a half and I don’t think anyone can pass on that opportunity to expand.

Did you find it hard writing new material for the show?
Yes, I usually write material from something that has been embedded in me for a long time. A lot of my earlier jokes come like from British people on holiday when I was working in Spain. But thrust into Liverpool for a week to generate new material it was pretty hard. Now I’ve got pretty good material about Liverpool, it’s just a couple of months too late.

What does the future hold for yourself now the show is over?
I resolved to stay in comedy before the television show even came about, so yes. I’m currently preparing for an Edinburgh Fringe show in August which is called ‘Escape From The Land of the Sheep’ which again will play on stereotypes.

You can follow Ignacio on Twitter @curse5

Show Me The Funny continues next Monday on ITV1 at 9PM.

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