Ignacio Lopez first comic eliminated from Show Me The Funny

Ignacio Lopez

24-year-old Ignacio Lopez has become the first comic to be kicked off new ITV1 stand up reality show Show Me The Funny. The Spanish barman failed to win over an unforgiving all-female Liverpudlian audience with his macho man act on last night's show.

The UK’s only half-Welsh, half-Spanish comic was called back alongside Prince Abdi in this week’s bottom two.

Ignacio previously tried to win over the crowd, but his charm offensive proved to be more offensive than charming: "Buenos Tardes ladies… most of you have already seen me naked I know. Some of you I haven’t slept with and I apologise, but we can rectify this, just turn to the woman on your left and ask her for my telephone number. Statistically speaking she will have it.”

The judges - stand up Alan Davies, critic Kate Copsick and this week's guest judge, Jimmy Tarbuck - then gave their views on the bottom two comics.

A furious Kate Copsick said to Prince: “If your life and those of all you hold dear depended on it you would not be able to do a Liverpool accent so why build so much of your act around it?!”


But her most severe dressing down is reserved for Ignacio, as she said: “I thought it was like watching a low speed car crash.

"I think when you came on it was interesting because you had a character – ‘the great lover’. But then the character kind of went, and you were just this bloke doing a not particularly great set about Liverpool in a Spanish accent.

"I didn’t even know if it was your own, so I didn’t know who you were. I didn’t really know what you were doing and I became unsure as to why I was listening to it.”

A visibly crushed Ignacio told the panel: “I don’t want to make excuses. As a comedian you want to see people smiling on and off stage.”

Alan Davies added: “That’s the thing about being a stand-up, you’ve got to be bomb-proof if you have a ropey gig, because you’ve got to get back on the next night and do it again.”

With all three judges voting unanimously to send Ignacio home, the comic's time is up. Ignacio said on his exit: “I didn’t think I was going out tonight but what they said is true; it was sloppy. It was a bad gig and it lost me the show, so I’m going home.”

Show Me The Funny continues next Monday at 9PM on BBC One.

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