5 reasons to watch... Show Me The Funny, this Monday at 9PM

Show Me The Funny

Show Me The Funny is ITV1's new talent show, which host Jason Manford has described as "The Apprentice for comedians". The new series - which starts on Monday - sees 10 stand ups compete against one another for a 100,000 cash prize, their own headlining tour and a DVD release this Christmas.

The show comprises of 6 pre-recorded rounds, which see the comics whittled down one by one as they perform a variety of gigs to a vast range of audiences - from troops to women and kids. Each week one contestant is giving the boot by the judges - including QI's Alan Davies - until the live final in August.

The finalists will each perform their own set on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo on ITV1 and a public vote will decide who wins.

TellyMix got the chance to take a sneak peak at the first show and it's rather quite brilliant, here are our 10 Reasons To Watch it tomorrow night!

1. Ignacio Lopez

Just like The Apprentice, Show Me The Funny has its characters and Ignacio is easily this show's Stuart Baggs. The confident comic tells us in the first episode: "I am the only half-Spanish, half-Welsh comedian." But will his set win over the crowd?


2. The clashes

The contestants are split up into pairs for tasks on the show, with the winning pair getting to decide the all-important running order of the gigs. With 10 hopefuls from a variety of backgrounds there was always bound to be clashes. One contestant fumes to another: "It’s like being out with some excited toddler."

3. Judges and audience reactions

As well as the live audience there are a panel of judges - with guest judge Jimmy Tarbuck on tomorrow's premiere show - watching the comics, and their reactions are priceless. The faces pulled as one comic insults the women of Liverpool cannot be described.

4. Awkward silences

Show Me The Funny is filled with these cringey moments and by the end you may start to feel quite sorry for some of the comedians, as they stand on stage in front of 500 people starring silently at them. For us, however, it never failed to get boring.

5. The good jokes

While there are plenty of laughs and top moments from the cock ups and clangers some of the stand ups came out with, we do need to point out there is actually some talent on the show! Surprisingly it's newcomer Ellie - who has been performing for only a year - who impresses on the first week.

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Show Me The Funny, Monday at 9PM on ITV1.

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