No topic off limits for 'Show Me The Funny' comedians, says host Jason Manford

Jason Manford (Show Me The Funny)

Show Me The Funny presenter Jason Manford has revealed that the contestants were given free reign over the comedy, with no topics off limits for their gigs. Speaking ahead of the launch of the new series next Monday, Alan Davies added the contestants were just encouraged to be funny.

The new ITV1 reality talent series will see 10 comedians compete for a top prize including £100,000 in cash, a DVD and their stand up tour in September.

Jason said: "The contestants weren't told anything was off limits but they've got to be aware of their audience. If you want to be really successful you've got to hit as big as demographic as possible. You've just to judge your audience."

The show's chief judge Alan Davies added: "They weren't told not to talk about anything, just encouraged to be funny anyway they could."

Jason continued: "As the show they went on they realised it was a TV show as well as alive gig, and some started to play to the camera more."


Speaking to TellyMixat the launch of the series in London last week, the former 8 Out of 10 Cats panellist added: "There was one week where someone dropped a C-word in there and you just thought 'Why did you do that? That's not going to make it on telly'.

"I think some learned that as they went on it's not just the people in the venue they were playing to."

Jason, who both acts as a host on the show and a compare for the gigs, said it was important for the contestants to find an audience for their jokes.

"It's all about working hard and finding your audience. Once you find an audience who like you and buy your DVDs you've always got that.

"The thing with stand up is your horizons quickly become your middle distance. One day you're like 'I just I was paid a tenner for a gig,', then you're paid a tenner and so on. I remember when there was time it was the be all and end all to get a regular slot at Jongleurs."

Show Me The Funny launches on Monday at 9PM on ITV1.

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