Show Me The Funny: The X Factor style competition for comedians

Show Me The Funny

Show Me The Funny is ITV1's new reality talent contestant, and from what we've seen it's set to be a hit. The show, which can be summed up as 'The X Factor for comedians', kicks off next Monday and will see 10 stands up compete for the prize of a lifetime.

The winner - who will be chosen after a live final in front of a 3,000 strong crowd at the Hammersmith Apollo - will win a £100,000 prize, a nationwide multi-date UK tour throughout September and their very own DVD at Christmas.

Before getting to the final however the 10 contestants must survive a series of tough gigs as the show's host - award-winning comedian Jason Manford - takes them on a journey across the UK to challenge their writing and stand up skills. From playing to a group of drunk Welsh rugby players in an underground bar to performing in front of a group of school kids, the tasks will test just how flexible the comics' talents are.

But it's not just the crowd the comics have to impress. They'll be judged the much-loved comedian Alan Davies and the much-feared comedy critic Kate Copstick. Each week, Alan and Kate will be joined by a revolving roster of some of the best known names in UK comedy including Jo Brand, Johnny Vegas, Bob Mortimer, Ross Noble, Cannon & Ball and Jimmy Tarbuck.


Together, the trio will decide who has made the cut for the next gig and who will find themselves on their way home, in a face to face Apprentice boardroom-style elimination.

“Stand-up comedy has never been bigger and there has never been a better time to make this show," Jason Manford says. "I’m excited to be involved in the series - it’s very rare to have the ability to make pretty much anyone laugh, and I hope Show Me The Funny will find that comic.”

Meanwhile judge Alan Davies adds: “After years on the circuit, I know exactly what it’s like to deal with the pressures of making an audience laugh and this is an extremely tough challenge.”

Packed full of laughs - if mostly for all the wrong reasons - and enough cringey moments to give The Apprentice a run for its money, Show Me The Funny is set to be a big hit as it takes a 'behind the scenes' look at the process behind stand up.

It’s survival of the funniest and it all starts on Monday, July 18 at 9PM on ITV1, and ITV1 HD.