ITV kicks off production of stand up comedy reality show 'Show Me The Funny'


With the success of The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent ever increasing, it seems ITV is cashing in on the popularity of reality telly contests with a new one based on stand up comedy. 'Show Me The Funny' (Working title) will see amatuer comics compete week by week in a bid to win a cash prize, tour promotion and a DVD deal.

The show, which begins recording in April, will see the potential comics try and out do one another with their sets and jokes each week before the grand final in Week 7. The winner be named as the 'Next Big Stand-up' and be given a 'career changing prize' - consisting of a currently undisclosed cash sum, promotion for a tour and a DVD deal.

The show's producer Freddie Foss-Smith said: "I’m looking for unknown and relatively new comedians that might not necessarily have even done a gig before but might just have what it takes.

"We’re not at all picky in terms of age, sex, location etc. and would love for anyone that’s interested to apply. We are presuming that if someone is a massive fan of stand up and goes to gigs regularly then they may have an interest in the prospect of writing and performing."

Filming takes place from April 18 to June 6, if you want to take part then email for more information.

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