Cheryl Baker "terrified" about forgetting her lyrics in the Popstar to Operastar final

Cheryl Baker

Popstar to Operastar finalist Cheryl Baker is reportedly "terrified" about forgetting her lyrics in tomorrow night's final, struggling to learn words to her songs which are in both French and Italian. Speaking to The Sun ahead of the last show, she's worried she'll end up speaking "Cherylese".

The nickname on set comes from 57-year-old humming gobbledygook in previous performances and rehearsals.

Recalling her duet last week, Cheryl told the newspaper: "In last week's duet, I had to come in first but the audience were chatting so loudly I couldn't hear.


"So I came in with the wrong words and an octave out. I ended up making up loads of words in Cherylese and I was just singing random sounds that meant nothing. Then I was lip-reading off Joe, who saved me."

Joe and Cheryl will now go head to head with one another in the final, which airs tomorrow night on ITV1.

Meanwhile Bucks Fizz star Cheryl admitted that she's up for more reality shows if the offers are there.

"I'm up for anything, I'd love to do Strictly Come Dancing but not Dancing On Ice because I value my ankles," she joked. "When you are my age you don't get offered as many jobs but you still need to earn a living, the same as anyone 30 years younger.

"I'd go in the jungle - I might even suck a witchetty grub."

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