Joe McElderry wants to show Simon Cowell what he's missing on Popstar to Operastar final

Joe McElderry

20-year-old Joe McElderry has said how he wants to show X Factor boss Simon Cowell what he's missing on this year's Popstar to Operastar final. Youngster Joe, who was dropped by Cowell just a year after winning The X Factor back in 2009, added that he preferred the nicer Popstar to Operastar judges!

"I just hope Simon Cowell is watching. Maybe he can tune in on Sunday and see what he's missed!" Joe told The Sun.

Joe also revealed: "These judges are nicer. They're certainly nicer than Simon. Nobody can top Simon Cowell."


But despite the nice panel, Joe insists the show is a lot tougher than The X Factor, with no gimmicks to hide behind.

He said: "On X Factor you can hide behind the huge stage, the smoke and mirrors and dancers, but here you're literally on stage and you have got to sing."

Meanwhile the reality star revealed how he's set to sign a new record deal - but his fans needn't worry, it's for a pop album rather than Opera!

"I had a very exciting meeting last weekend, I'm going to be very busy over the next couple of weeks, put it that way," he told the paper today.

The Popstar to Operastar final airs tomorrow night on ITV1.

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