Unsurprising news story of the day: Popstar to Operastar faces the axe

Popstar to Operastar

The fact that Popstar to Operastar ever got a second series in the first shocked us, so we're not at all surprised to hear that ITV plan on axing the flop reality series. The show, which sees 'popstars' try their hand at siging classical opera, has already lost half its viewers in just the four weeks it's been on the air.

Fortunately for both viewers and ITV, the show has just two weeks to go until the winner is crowned - with former X Factor contestant Joe McElderry leading the betting.

Last Sunday's show was wacthed by just 2.85 million viewers, despite launching with a healthy 6.3 million earlier this month following the end of reality megahit Britian's Got Talent.

An insider revealed to The Mirror: “Things have gone rapidly downhill... it may be that the end of this series becomes a natural end for the format.”

An official spokesman for ITV insisted "no decisions had yet been made" on the future of the series, which is hosted by Myleene Klass.

The show continues this Sunday at 8PM on ITV1

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