Joe McElderry 'more relaxed' on Popstar to Operastar than The X Factor

Joe McElderry

Joe McElderry's mum has revealed that he is "more relaxed" on Popstar to Operastar than The X Factor, describing the Simon Cowell TV show as stressful when Joe competed back in 2009. The 19-year-old, who won the series, is now favourite to win Popstar to Operastar in the final in two weeks’ time.

Mum Eileen Joyce told her local paper: "It’s totally, totally different – there just isn’t that stress. I’ve taken a little bit of time off work and I’m just working with Joe.

“It makes it a very different feeling for me because I was so busy while he was in The X Factor, plus I feel Joe has grown in confidence a lot."


She added: “He’s so enjoying the opera and loves to sing and perform. The other performers are all lovely with him. They are all older than him and it’s nice to see people looking after him.”

But Eileen did admit some similarities with The X Factor, confessing that Joe is keen to win the series. “In that respect it is just like The X Factor. He was just glad to be taking part in the beginning and didn’t think about the winning but he then thought ‘I may as well try.’

“Joe has got music in his bones, and I think it is amazing what he’s achieving."

Popstar continues Sunday at 8PM on ITV1.

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