Cheryl Baker thinks Joe McElderry and Claire Richards will make Popstar to Operastar final

Cheryl Baker

Poor Cheryl Baker may still be in the running for Popstar to Operastar, but the Bucks Fizz singer has told The People how she reckons there's no chance of her winning the ITV1 series! Cheryl will perform for the third time in tonight's latest live show.

The 57-year-old has already sailed through her first two shows but thinks that there's little hope of making the final in two weeks’ time.

Cheryl told the newspaper today: "I think Joe will get the popular vote and I think the final will be Claire and Joe. He’s only young but he’s proving he can cut it and has a great voice and he’s a lovely boy.

"I don’t know what happened after X Factor but I think he’ll be very professional at the end of this, come what may."

The Eurovision winner also confessed to changing her mind about the Opera genre thanks to the show. "I always thought opera was for toffs and posh people but I am loving it," she said. "I knew nothing about opera before I went into the show.

"I auditioned for it because I thought it was a great opportunity its prime-time telly and it allows me to sing."

Cheryl remains in the reality talent competition with Joe, Claire and Andy Bell.

Popstar to Operastar airs tonight on ITV1 at 8PM.

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