Midge Ure first to be eliminated from Popstar to Operastar 2011

Midge Ure

Midge Ure has become the first popstar to be eliminated from Popstar to Operastar 2011 on tonight's first show. Mudge performed for the first time on tonight’s show, singing alongside Melody Thronton, Joe McElderry and Cheryl Baker but found himself in the bottom two with Melody after the public vote.

After repeating their performances it was up to the panel to decide which of the pair would be staying in the competition.

Ronaldo said: “I must say that this is very difficult. Both improved their performances in the sing off but based only on the performances the one I felt was most comfortable was Midge.”


Vanessa commented: “They’re both great and both out of their comfort zones tonight, but one of them took a risk and had fun, so I’m going with Midge.”

“Both were fantastic but for me the who embraced their performance most was Melody,” Simon said>

As head judge it was up to Katherine to determine which of the two stars were to be saved. “This is so hard...” she told the pair, “I feel like that you definitely both improved but the biggest improvement for me is Melody.”

Speaking to host Myleene after his exit, Midge said: "I think I’ve probably done my little bit for Opera and I’ll go back to saving the world. No one wants to go out in the first round but I felt that I did a reasonable job.”

Popstar to Operastar continues next Sunday on ITV1 as Andy Bell, Jocelyn Brown, Joe Washbourn and Claire Richards all take to the stage for the first time.

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