Mission Survive spoilers: Winner is crowned as final three face toughest tasks yet

Mission Survive 2016 winner revealed tonight

Mission Survive

It's the FINAL of Bear Grylls' Mission Survive 2016 but who is the winner going to be?

Tonight the Mission Survive 2016 winner will be crowned with three celebs left in the running: West End star Samantha Barks, Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner and footballer Alex Scott.

In this evening's show it's the final leg of the journey for the remaining celebrity contestants, but there's a more than the one surprise in store.

Jason Gardiner

The day begins with Bear's helpers Meg and Scott stripping back the celebrities’ kit – including rations.

Just getting to their first mission is a test of nerve - the celebrities face a traverse around the rocky coastline. Attached to a rope they must navigate the edge of cliff faces. When they eventually reach Bear, they must get across a military Commando Crawl. Suspended 80ft above the crashing waves, and at 131ft long – this will push them to their physical limits.

For their next challenge the tide is rushing in fast and the group have 20 minutes to forage in the shallows and remaining rock pools for as much seafood as they can find if they want to eat.

After an evening reflecting on their journey, the cast take to their beds for the final time in the wild.

But the next day Bear presents the celebrities with two twists to see how they react to adversity - who will break and who will remain positive?

From there, the Mission Survive celebrities go straight into their penultimate challenge: making fire – a primary skill for a survivor.

Finally, they must race to the top of a 65ft high cliff face. It’s their most technical climb to date. Using a Jumar – a mountaineering technique used to conquer sheer rock faces - the celebrities must pull themselves to the peak.

Bear Grylls

Who will show the grit and skill needed to shine? Who will be Bear’s Mission Survivor?

Bear Grylls' Mission Survive 2016 concludes tonight on ITV from 9PM.

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