Who won Mission Survive 2016? Winner crowned by Bear Grylls

Mission Survive winner revealed in final results

Mission Survive 2016 line up final

The winner of Bear Grylls' Mission Survive 2016 has been crowned in tonight's final results.

This evening saw the last episode of the series as the three remaining celebs concluded their journey over central America.

West End star Samantha Barks, Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner and footballer Alex Scott all made it to the final two days.

Mission Survive: Bear Grylls
Alex Scott and Samantha Barks.

But there was no relaxing with the challenges as Bear met them in camp for their first task, a commando crawl. One by one, the celebs had to cross a 130ft long rope suspended 80ft in the air above crashing waves on the cost.

Oh, and just for fun, Bear made it even harder by swaying the rope to test the nerve of the cast.

For their next task the group had 20 minutes to forage in the shallows of the water for as much seafood as they could find for dinner that night.

On their final day, the all star line up were awoken by a surprise from Bear who tested the gang by announcing that they in fact had an extra day to go.

From there, after a breakfast of fish eyes, the Mission Survive celebrities went straight into their penultimate challenge: making fire.

Finally, they had race to the top of a 65ft high cliff face, pulling themselves to the peak.

With the celebs' journey complete, it was then over to Bear to reveal who won Mission Survive 2016.

He delivered his decision: "Jason, you're strength is that 120% commitment you give to everything.

"Alex, you always deliver with no fuss and I know you've had to be brave more times than others might realise.

"Samantha, to me your strength is your spirit. Quick thinking, fearless, careless and ultra competitive."

Mission Survive

Bear concluded: "Success isn't final, failure isn't fatal, it's the courage to continue that really counts. It's a difficult decision because you're all good.

"But I've made a decision, this is Mission Survive and for me there's one person that stands out. My Mission Survivor is Alex."

"No way," she reacted, as Bear told her: "I have a lot of respect for you."

And with that another series of Mission Survive is over...

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