Mission Survive 2016 results: Michelle Collins sent home by Bear Grylls

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Bear Grylls sent Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins home in tonight's Mission Survive 2016 results.

Michelle's exit leaves just three finalists on the show with Les Miserables actress Samantha Barks, choreographer and Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner and Arsenal and England Ladies footballer Alex Scott remaining for the final next weekend.

In tonight's show, the group began their latest part of the expedition by being led to an estuary where they had to make their way across.

Mission Survive: Bear Grylls
Jason Gardiner and Michelle Collins.

In teams - Alex with Sam and Michelle with Jason - the celebs had to build a raft and get to the other side while dodging SHARKS.

Once across they had to prepare their camp but in a twist each of the celebs were on their own. With the final ahead, Bear told the four Survivors to create their own shelter for the night.

However there was never any chance of a good night's sleep with Bear's team storming the camps in the middle of the night.

The next day the celebs had their most disgusting task yet as they were taught how to make clean drinking water with their BUMS using so-called rectal rehydration.

Before the elimination, the celebrity contestants had one last task as they worked together to navigate their way along the dangerous Southern African coast, taking on the jagged rocks and dangerous swells.

Mission Survive: Bear Grylls
Alex Scott and Samantha Barks.

It was then time for Bear to deliver his verdict, warning that more than one of the celebs could be going.

"Michelle, you have stepped up day after day despite being your own worst enemy," Bear said, "But I have made a decision and this is Mission Survive, Michelle, at this level, I don't think you'd survive."

Michelle said it had been an "amazing experience" despite falling at the final hurdle.

Bear went on to warn Jason that he had almost gone as well, remarking: "This is your low point."

Mission Survive 2016 concludes next Thursday night on ITV from 9PM.

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