Mission Survive 2016 spoilers: Bear Grylls SHOCKS celebs with disgusting new task

mission survive 2016 spoilers

Bear Grylls shocks the remaining Mission Survive 2016 celebs in tonight's show with a disgusting new task.

No one left in last week's episode meaning a total of four celebs remain.

Les Miserables actress Samantha Barks, former Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins, choreographer and Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner and Arsenal and England Ladies footballer Alex Scott, are all still travelling across Africa.

In tonight's show, the group begin their latest part of the expedition by being led to an estuary. For a survivor, this is a lifeline which means food, water and more importantly, a means of travel. It does, however, also have its dangers, and in South Africa that means Bull Sharks.

Mission Survive: Bear Grylls
Jason Gardiner and Michelle Collins.

The celebrities are split into two teams. Their task; to build a raft that will get them across the estuary safely. The tide is coming in and with it the risk of a shark attack increases.

Once across they have to prepare their camp. With a place in the final within reach, Bear wants to see what they have learnt as individuals and so the celebrities must each build their own shelter.

But the rookies have no idea that Bear has one further test: In the dead of night he sends Meg and Scott into camp with a surprise they won’t forget.

The next day Bear meets the group at the mouth of the estuary. The celebrities are already aware of the importance of staying hydrated, however what do you do when there’s no clean water available?

Never asking the group to do anything he is not prepared to do himself, Bear sets them the task with a rather personal demonstration which shocks the celebrities.

With one last chance to prove to Bear that they deserve to be in the final, the remaining celebrities must then navigate their way along the dangerous Southern African coast. They take on the jagged rocks and dangerous swells.

Mission Survive: Bear Grylls
Alex Scott and Samantha Barks.

Bear has been watching closely. For one more celebrity, the journey is over, and for the remaining three the race to become Bear’s ultimate mission survivor is closer than ever.

Mission Survive is back tonight on ITV from 9PM.

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