Mission Survive 2016 spoilers! Celebs down elephant POO drink

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In Bear Grylls: Mission Survive tonight, the remaining celebs are forced to drink nasty concoctions and abseil down a canyon.

It week four and those left in the show are Les Miserables actress Samantha Barks, former Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins, choreographer and Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner and Arsenal and England Ladies footballer Alex Scott.

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Now at the halfway point the celebrities have moved on from the African Bush and are now deep into coastal forest, but with a different environment, comes different threats and the wonder of nature is fast losing its appeal.

This evening, the celebs start the day with Bear as they enjoy a surprise encounter with elephants.

Not long after however the group are faced with their first task – drinking fluid extracted from elephant dung. Bear wants to show them that even in the direst of situations – if you keep your wits about you – you will find options.

Later on the celebrities are led to a canyon where a thumping waterfall and fast flowing water greets them.

Bear appoints a leader for the group – clear leadership is something this group has been lacking - and tells them they they must work together and overcome their fears to make it to the bottom of the canyon.

Bear has also left some bush food for them along the way – some rats. Will they think like survivors and take the rats with them, or will revulsion get the better of them?

As they bed down for the night, the mood amongst the celebrities is strained and leads to an argument in camp.

The next day and the survivors take on their most dangerous mission so far: As well as descending a terrifying 200ft vertical rock face, they must climb across to the pinnacle, before abseiling down the other side

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As the threat of elimination hangs over them, which celebrity will be sent home by Bear and who will continue on Mission Survive?

Bear Grylls' Mission Survive airs tonight at 9PM on ITV.

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