Mission Survive 2016 results: Neil Morrissey given the axe by Bear Grylls

Mission Survive

Grantchester actor Neil Morrissey has become the latest celebrity to be booted off Mission Survive 2016 by Bear Grylls.

He is the third to leave this year's show as now only four celebs remain.

After three weeks, Les Miserables actress Samantha Barks, former Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins, choreographer and Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner and Arsenal and England Ladies footballer Alex Scott are left standing.

Mission Survive

In tonight's show the group were given a crash course in living off the land: Bear showed them several examples of the edible flora around them – some were a vital source of sustenance, and some could kill them.

As the day drew on, the group trekked to their new camp by a river and after fighting to catch a fish to eat for supper, for the first time in five days the celebrities enjoyed a dip in fresh(-ish) water.

With one last chance to prove themselves to Bear, the next day the five piece had to take on nature’s assault course - swimming down a river, hacking through a jungle of razor sharp reeds, and using 50 metres of rope to climb their way up a vertical mud wall.

After making their way to the next way point, Bear delivered his latest verdict, saying: "I think three of you are vulnerable.

"Sam, I think you're smart but if you were a colour you'd be beige.

"Michelle, by this stage I need to be seeing your spirit bursting forward but you beat yourself up a bit, you're your own worst enemy.

Mission Survive 2016

"Neil, I still believe you've got the greatest asset of any one in this group which is your problem solving brain but your spirit and determination is waning."

"The lesson of this journey is that morale is a state of mind, with it, all things are possible but without it, you're screwed," Bear continued. "This is Mission Survive and Neil, you're done."

"What a fantastic experience," said Neil, But it's far hard than you can ever imagine."

Mission Survive continues Thursday nights at 9PM on ITV.

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