Mission Survive 2016: Samantha Barks has a crush on Bear Grylls!

Samantha Barks Mission Survive

Some of the Mission Survive girls reveal a bit of a crush on Bear Grylls in tonight's show.

In this evening's third episode we find the celebrities sleep deprived, hungry with morale hitting an all time low.

Neil Morrissey and Michelle Collins keep bickering with each other while there's a 'Fish gate' row as Neil and Jason Gardiner clash again.

"When Neil's out of his comfort zone and I guess fear takes over or physically when he was very tired, he became really his own worst enemy," Jason said of his rows with the Men Behaving Badly star.

The Dancing On Ice judge explained: "That had a knock-on effect with the morale of everybody else, because instead of having to worry about how you're going to get through the rest of this, it then became about, 'How are we going to placate Neil and keep Neil happy enough that we can keep moving forward and do what we need to do without him being grumpy?'

"He was prone to being grump."

Elsewhere in tonight's latest show, Samantha Barks and Alex Scott confess to fancying leader expedition Bear - they think "He's the man".

Later the girls strip off along with Jason to go for a river dip - even the threat of venomous snakes can't stop them!

But while the trio enjoy their time in the water, others get into difficulty as a river crossing goes almost fatally wrong.

Mission Survive 2016

Michelle nearly gets pulled under as she doesn't listen to Bear who tells her how to wade through deep water with a rucksack.

Five celebrities remain on the show but tonight will see another one given the boot by Bear.

Find out who when Mission Survive airs tonight from 9PM on ITV.

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