Mission Survive 2016 spoilers! Bear Grylls gives celebs their toughest tasks yet


It's week three of Mission Survive 2016 with Bear Grylls tonight and five celebs remain.

In Bear Grylls: Mission Survive, a total of seven celebs are put under extreme pressure by the adventurer and survival expert to see what they are made of.

After two weeks, Les Miserables actress Samantha Barks, former Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins, choreographer and Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner, Grantchester actor Neil Morrissey and Arsenal and England Ladies footballer Alex Scott are left standing.

Mission Survive

In tonight's episode, the group are warned by Bear that their rations are running low, and to survive they need to think smart and start living off the land. He shows them several examples of the edible flora around them – some are a vital source of sustenance, and some could kill them. Will they get it right? Or will they waste the opportunity to gain much needed strength and nourishment?

Later, Bear creates a scenario which sees Meg role play being seriously injured. As part of the mission, they are told that Meg has an internal bleed and a blood loss of one pint every 10 minutes.

The celebrities have just 40 minutes to make an improvised stretcher and carry her over challenging scrubland to the extraction point. This is a race against the clock. If this happened in reality and they acted too slow, they could see Meg die of organ failure.

As the day draws on, the group find themselves at their new camp which is by a river – the first time the celebrities have seen water since their journey began. Bear reminds them of their priorities – fire, food, water, shelter.

As the realities of their environment start getting to them, will they be able to overcome the low morale and tensions within the group to get their camp in order before the light fades?

With one last chance to prove themselves to Bear, they must take on nature’s assault course - swimming down a river, hacking through a jungle of razor sharp reeds, and using 50 metres of rope to climb their way up a vertical mud wall.

Mission Survive 2016

Who will show the determination to continue and who will Bear send home?

Mission Survive airs tonight from 9PM on ITV.

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