Bear Grylls Mission Survive sees 3.2 million tune in for the final

Vogue Williams.

More than 3 million tuned in to watch the climax of Bear Grylls' Mission Survive last night.

A total of eight celebs started a trek across Central America with Bear, taking on survival challenges such as starting fire, making shelter and preparing jungle food.

From tasting tarantula legs to skinning dead rats, the celebs experienced it all.

An average audience of 3.2 million tuned in to last night's final show to see who won Mission Survive as the final three got their last tasks before being rescued from the shore by helicopter.

Mike Tindall, Vogue Williams and Dame Kelly Holmes made it the the last stage of the competition as Bear crowned his ultimate survivor.

Overall the series has proved the moderate ratings hit, bearing in mind schedule difficulties that saw it face Comic Relief and miss out last week.

Meanwhile fans of Bear needn't get withdrawal symptoms with Mission Survive now over, with The Island kicking off next Wednesday night on Channel 4.

Back to the ratings and elsewhere in the 9PM hour last night and Channel 4 won the night with Gogglebox geting 3.6 million viewers, whereas BBC One's Eurovision special had just 1.9 million.

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