Who won Mission Survive? Winner crowned by Bear Grylls

Mission Survive winner revealed in final results

mission survive winner

The winner of Bear Grylls' Mission Survive has been crowned in tonight's final results.

This evening saw the last episode of the series as the three remaining celebs concluded their journey over central America.

Dame Kelly Holmes, Mike Tindall and Vogue Williams have all made it to the final two days.

But there was no relaxing with the challenges as Bear met them in camp for their first task, abseiling down a 300ft waterfall.

Bear followed the celebrities down before revealing that there will be no firewood, no shelter and no rations that evening.

They instead had to build camp as well as prepare and cook three dead rats provided by Bear.

But while making fire for the evening, Mike was left having to be taken to hospital for stitches after an injuring his head collecting firewood.

The following morning the final three were reunited as they took on an impenetrable mangrove swamp.

After making it out of the jungle and onto the beach, the celebs each had to start a signal fires and create enough smoke to create an international distress signal and call in a rescue helicopter.

With the celebs' journey complete, it was then over to Bear to reveal who won Mission Survive.

He delivered his decision: "The lesson from all of these journeys is simple, run when we can, walk if you have to, God dammit cruel if you must, but never, ever give up.

"I've made a decision and this is Mission Survive and the person who would survive, my ultimate survivor is Vogue. I'm proud of you beyond words."

Vogue said: "It's insane, I can't believe it!"

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