After Mission Survive and The Island will Bear Grylls retire? Not any time soon!

Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls says he has no plans to retire any time soon, with two series on primetime telly this month.

Mission Survive concluded on ITV last night while next week will see the return of The Island to Channel 4.

But for Bear, who turned 40 last year, has ruled out retiring from his escapades and slowing down.

The dad of three said: “If I could be 60 and doing this great. At 40 I’m loving it, who knows what’s around the corner tomorrow, but doing my best.

"A lot of it’s about not getting injured – as long as I’m fit and healthy and I’m moving and I’m loving it, then I’ll carry on doing it.”

Speaking on tonight's Jonathan Ross show, Bear also talks about Mission Survive and how the celebs were shocked to find out the show was not fake.

He said: "Day one or two when suddenly they realise actually there’s no catering off camera, nice place to stay, and actually they’re in it, and they’re beaten and they’re sweating and they’ve got blisters, and they’re tired and hungry suddenly it’s a bit less fun.

"But the point of the show was to look for a real hero, someone who can really walk the talk and was willing to learn and adapt and can be positive and resourceful and all these things."

Talking about who won Mission Survive last night, Bear added: "By the end I really found someone who if my kids were in the jungle and I wasn’t there, I’d want that person beside them, so for me it was actually a really moving journey in a way I almost didn’t expect it to be.”

The Jonathan Ross Show airs tonight, Saturday 4th April at 9:35PM on ITV.

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