Mission Survive final: Mike Tindall left with nasty injury after getting 'skewered'


It's the final of Mission Survive tonight as the winner is crowned, but one celeb is left with a nasty injury.

As night begins to fall on the group's final day of their trek, Mike and Vogue are collecting wood for the campfire.

Mike is struggling to break up a larger piece of wood so Vogue tells him to throw it down and slam it against a rock.

Mike does just that, but unfortunately the wood recoils off the rock and skewers him just above his eye, which is deep enough to require stitches.

Vogue reacts: "I feel guilty, I feel like that was my fault because I told him to do it."

Mighty Mike says: "I played for England for 11 years and I think I only got stitched once…11 days in the jungle and I’ve been stitched once!"

Mike Tindall

Elsewhere in tonight's show, Kelly Holmes hopes to conquer her fear of water once and for all in a swim.

A determined Kelly declares: "Right, let's try this bloody front crawl out shall we."

After a strong start, halfway across she begins to tire and is soon in serious trouble.

Fearing she is drowning she shouts out for help, and Bear's right-hand man, and ex-Royal Marine's Commando, Scott is immediately on his way to help.

After reaching the safety of the water’s edge, Kelly lies down.

The medic tells her: "You can feel the muscles actually all sort of cramping."

An exhausted Kelly sighs: "It just makes me go delirious and I feel sick."

Dame Kelly Holmes

She adds: "My biggest fear of water is actually drowning and I think I've just experienced what that could be like."

Observing from the top of the waterfall Bear says: "That looked nasty."

Who won Mission Survive? Find out when final airs from 9PM tonight on ITV.

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