Mission Survive spoilers: Final sees celebs abseil, eat rats and tackle crocodiles

Mission Survive winner crowned tonight

Mission Survive final contestants

It's the final of Mission Survive tonight but just who will be the winner?

This evening sees the last episode of the series as the three remaining celebs conclude their trek and it's revealed just who won Mission Survive.

Dame Kelly Holmes, Mike Tindall and Vogue Williams have all made it to the end and in Mission Survive tonight, the three remaining celebrities fight it out to be crowned Bear’s Mission Survivor; they must also build their camp using only what the jungle provides them, eat rats for dinner and face Bear’s most extreme challenges yet.

The first challenge sees the group split for the first time. Bear takes the contestants, one by one, to the top of a 300ft waterfall which they each must abseil down alone . They are not in for an easy ride.

They all make it down, but one celebrity struggles swimming in the lake below the waterfall and has to be rescued by Bear’s lieutenant Scott. Bear follows the celebrities down and delivers news to the team that there will be no firewood, no shelter and no rations that evening.

Next, The celebrities trek to a clearing where they have to build a camp without their usual supplies to help them. There are no army rations tonight but Bear has something to offer - a dinner of three dead rats which they have to gut and cook.

When breaking up wood for the fire, a branch recoils and one of the celebrities gets a cut on their forehead and is taken to hospital where they are given stitches.

The following morning the celebrity expedition team has to get across a near impenetrable mangrove swamp.

Once past, they must wade up to their necks in the water of a river, home to estuarine crocodiles. Bear has placed two canoes on which the celebrities can paddle out to the coast.

The welcome sight of the Pacific Ocean signals the end of the journey but Bear has one final survival challenge in store: Bear is waiting on the beach by a smouldering fire with only a few remaining embers.

The celebrities must each transport an ember to one of three signal fires at the end of the beach and make enough smoke to create an international distress signal and call in a rescue helicopter.

Three remain but only one person will win. Who has impressed Bear the most? Who has conquered their fears? And who has the qualities Bear is looking for to be named his Mission Survivor?

Find out when Mission Survive airs tonight from 9PM on ITV.

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