Mission Survive results: Jamelia axed by Bear Grylls

Mission Survive results


Jamelia has been axed from Bear Grylls' Mission Survive in tonight's latest results.

It was Week 3 and for the remaining celebs, this episode was all about how to survive and travel in water from rivers and lakes to torrential rain.

Amongst their tasks tonight were to navigate down a powerful river, cutting through raging rapids and smashing into boulders.

They had to set up camp for the night but a tropical rain storm saw tensions between the celebs.

Sparks flew between the hungry and drenched stars with Jamelia wanting to leave after clashing with the group.

There was little chance for sleep things got worse overnight, with medics being called in to attend an ill Laurence Fox.

The next day and Bear returned to meet the celebs with a new challenge, to make it across two miles of water in a homemade catamaran.

There, Bear greeted the celebs and had to decide which of the celebrities would face elimination.

Emilia Fox was told she had "balls of steel" during the river crossing while Jamelia was complimented on her "great ideas" but was told she needed to work with the team better.

"I have made a decision, it's not an easy one, this is Mission Survive and Jamelia, I just don't believe you would survive, sorry," Bear announced.

He described Jamelia as a "lone wolf" who failed to fit in with the "pack".

After the result, Laurence Fox told cameras: "I'm not going to lie, I think the group will be better off without her."

Mission Survive continues on ITV next Friday night at 9PM on ITV.

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