Bear Grylls' Mission Survive celebrities drink their own URINE


The celebrity line up Bear Grylls' Mission Survive have found the hard way that the new show isn't going to be like any other.

The upcoming series sees survival expert Bear take eight celebs on a 12-day journey through South America, describing the reality show as 'I'm A Celebrity on steroids'.

Bear confessed: "I was nervous because there's a lot of risk when you take people who know nothing about these sorts of environments on a big journey, going from a high volcano down to the coast and encountering crocs and snakes."

One task saw the stars having to drink their own URINE while elsewhere, former England International Rugby Player Mike Tindall MBE ended up being rushed to hospital after a nasty head injury.

“I knew it was bad so we had to get him out of there," Bear said. “We had to get him to hospital where he needed to be stitched up.”

Mike's fellow contestant Jamelia confessed last week she fears she would DIE on the trip.

She said: "In that environment everything seemed like it was life or death. It felt like if I didn't do certain things I was going to die. I know that sounds so extreme but that's how it felt."

Others taking part in Mission Survive this year include singer and actor Max George and double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes.

Mission Survive starts February 20 on ITV.

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