Made In Chelsea: Will Louise Thompson next to have a baby?

made in chelsea louise

Louise Thompson will be the next Made In Chelsea star to have a baby, according to Stephanie Pratt.

Speaking ahead of the new series, Steph suggested that Louise was feeling broody after Binky Felstead revealed her baby news last month.

Steph said: "For the first three weeks I got chills whenever we talked about it. It's so exciting "

She told new! magazine: "I think Louise will be next, but the cast is so young."

Apparently, Louise and Steph are now BFFs again after their recent falling out.

The American reality star explained: "Me and Louise are tighter than ever. She's so happy with Ryan [Libbey], who's the most epic, stand up guy, and it's just made her so happy and lovely.

"There was no reason for us to fall out before, and Ryan's been a big part in bringing us back together."

Meanwhile, scenes of Binky telling her pals on the show will air in the new E4 series later this year.

But Stephanie has spilled on what we can expect to see, recalling of the moment she found out: "Once I got over the initial shock I cried! I'm so excited to watch that footage on the show."

She revealed: "Me, Louise, Rosie and Binky where meeting for dinner but Binky was running late. Rosie was annoyed because she said she'd been trying to see her for ages.

"Then she arrived and she told us and we were like 'What the f**k!" and JP told the boys at the same time!"

Stephanie added to OK! magazine: "We're all going to be aunties. She will make an amazing mum. I don't think anyone has ever been more excited about a baby. It's really brought everyone together."

Made In Chelsea's new series returns to E4 in March.

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