Made In Chelsea's cast 'feeling broody' following Binky Felstead's pregnancy


The cast of Made In Chelsea is reportedly getting broody after news of the show's first baby.

Pregnant Alexandra Binky Felstead announced last month that she was expecting a baby with costar Josh ‘JP’ Paterson.

Reacting to the announcement this week, Binky's ex and fellow MIC co star Alex Mytton said: "That was crazy news! A massive congratulations to her.

"I see that they're both super happy about it. It's a huge thing for our friendship group, because it's the first MIC baby. It's mad."

Revealing that many of the show's cast were now getting broody, Alex continued: "Louise [Thompson] is feeling especially broody. I've seen a few tweets too - it seems like everyone is getting the vibe.

"I think when you get past 25, you don't panic but you say to yourself 'I should think about it'... it makes you think, because Binky is the exact same age as me - we were born on the same day and we're both called Alex. Maybe we separated at birth."

He told new! magazine: "Binky's always been very homely and has always dreamed of settling down in a place in the country, so maybe having a baby will make that happen.

"Out of all us, Josh is probably best suited to [being a dad]. I think someone like me at this stage would not be the best dad in the world. I've just got too much going on. I'm very busy. I can't care for myself, let alone a child."

Made In Chelsea will return to E4 later this year.

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