Made In Chelsea! Is Frankie Gaff 'the one' for Jamie Laing?


Jamie Laing says he'll be spoiling girlfriend Frankie Gaff this Christmas, but is she 'the one'?

The Made In Chelsea couple have had quite a few ups and downs this year with recent rows over moving in together.

However in last week's series finale, Jamie showed his commitment with a Christmas gift for Frankie as he enlisted the help of some reindeer to deliver her a wardrobe.

It was, according to Jamie, "a metaphor for everything".

Speaking ahead of Christmas day, Jamie said that Frankie deserved to be spoiled for putting up with him.

He said: "She deserves it. I'm a headache to go out with. I'm all over the place."

Meanwhile, speaking about THOSE rows over moving in together, Jamie admitted: "I realised I was being a bit of an a**ehole."

But he added: "We haven't officially moved in together though, it's still up in the air."

In an interview with OK! magazine, Jamie went on to talk about Frankie being 'the one'.

He explained: "Seriously I never think, 'Oh, she's going to be The One' but she's the loveliest person in the world. Any guy would be over the moon to have her, so I've got to consider myself pretty lucky."

However there is one thing Jamie is sure about and that's wanting to settle down and start a family.

"I love kids more than anything, I want a whole fleet of them," he said.

Made In Chelsea is back on E4 tonight with the end of series party at 9PM, hosted by Rick Edwards.

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