Made In Chelsea recap! Jamie forced to choose between Frankie and Alex

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It was the series finale of Made In Chelsea's South of France special tonight and Frankie had a tough choice.

After a dramatic extended vacation in the South of France, he had to pick between girlfriend Frankie and best friend Alex.

It follows claims by Alex that Frankie had tried to chat him up, something which she's insisted is rubbish.

Jamie confided in Francis: "I thought the south of France was going to be amazing but it's the worst scenario in the world. [Alex] Mytton's saying one thing, Frankie's countering it and I have to make a choice."

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There were showdowns between Alex and Jamie, Jamie and Frankie and Frankie and Alex before Jamie was given an ultimatum by Frankie: Stay away from Alex or get dumped.

With Alex hosting a party, Frankie told Jamie: "You're not going. I'm not going to his party and neither are you. If you go I'll break up with you.

"I'm not giving in, I'm not backing down."

Jamie declared his love to Frankie and vowed to stay with her.

At the party, Alex reacted: "I'm pretty gob smacked he hasn't turned up. I don't know where it leaves us. Does his mean he's never going to come to things again? Is he going to be told he can't hang out at all?"

Meanwhile as the cast's South of France holiday came to and end, there was a showdown between Olivia and Toff following their fall out over Francis.

It was Olivia who got the guy and Toff complained: "I'm going to pretend she doesn't exist. She's so smug, it drives me mad."

However later Toff did happen to bump into Olivia and told her: "Maybe in future have a little bit more regard for other people's feelings."

As for Olivia and Francis, they had an emotional goodbye as she returned to Blighty and he went back to Africa.

Elsewhere, the summer trip was meant to be a fresh start for Binky following her break up, but she revealed to best friend Ollie that ex JP had been in touch and wanted to meet up when she returned to London.

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"I need to speak to him and I need to see him when I get back" Binky told Ollie.

Finally, Sam hit it off with Tiff's parents while Jess had to say goodbye to her holiday romance Maxence.

Made In Chelsea: South of France is over but the main show will be back for another series later this year.

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