Made In Chelsea 2016: Jamie Laing and Frankie Gaff are official!

made in chelsea jamie frankie

Jamie Laing says things are official with Frankie Gaff on Made In Chelsea.

This series we saw Jamie forever chasing Frankie but getting turned down after failing to show he wouldn't be the best boyfriend.

There were rumours he had kissed another girl on a night out in Liverpool and had done 'everything but sex' with another girl on a skiing trip.

However in last week's MIC series finale, Frankie finally agreed to go out with him.

Basically begging, he told her: "I think you're the best person in the world, I think we should just spin that roulette wheel, I just want to be with you."

Frankie caved in and said yes (well, "okay", actually) if only to shut him up.

Speaking on Monday's Aftermath show to Rick Edwards, Jamie reveals: "I've been trying to have a girlfriend for ages and it's never worked because people never see the real Jamie.

"Frankie's met and seen the real Jamie and it's epic. So we're now going out, we're boyfriend and girlfriend but I haven't told anyone. She's not a secret I just haven't told anyone."

Well let's hope he's told people before Monday's show, eh?

Elsewhere in the end of series look back, Rick gets into bed with Ollie and Steph, gives Lucy and Tiff a surprise they will never forget and grills the cast on all the drama from Series 11.

Made In Chelsea: The Aftermath airs at 9PM on E4 on Monday night.

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