Made In Chelsea recap! Here's EVERYTHING that happened in the series finale

Made In Chelsea 2016, episode 11 recap: What happened on Made In Chelsea?

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It was the series finale of Made In Chelsea tonight and here's just what happened.

Sam faces Tiff's wrath

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After secretly going to Stephanie's party behind girlfriend Tiff's back, Sam was in hot water after a photo of him being crowned prom king surfaced.

Tiff wanted answers as Sam told her: "If I told you before you'd have said no!"

But despite the initial anger - and tears - from Sam the pair made up and got back on track.

Tiff v Toff

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Toff found herself being confronted by Tiff over comments she had made about Tiff's treatment of Sam.

Being told that she needed to give Sam a break, Tiff insisted she was the 'most chilled girlfriend ever' and told Toff to stop getting involved.

Frankie finally says YES to Jamie

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It was eleventh time lucky for Jamie as Frankie finally said yes.

Basically begging, he told her: "I think you're the best person in the world, I think we should just spin that roulette wheel, I just want to be with you."

Frankie finally said yes (well, "okay", actually) if only to shut him up.

Alik and Louise agree to try again

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Rosie played matchmaker between Alik and Louise after he revealed plans to move to London to be with her.

Admitting she had missed him, Louise called off her date with Matt for a tearful reunion with Alik... over the phone.

"I do love the s**t out of you," Alik declared as the pair agreed to spend the summer together.

Lucy and Stephanie's SUPER awkward showdown

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Both invited to Ollie's garden party, Lucy and Stephanie faced off.

At first it looked like the pair were finally about to make up with Lucy actually saying sorry for some of her behaviour.

But did Stephanie feel in the wrong? Not at all.

The warring duo walked away from one another after Lucy branded Stephanie "spiteful" while she claimed they "never had a true friendship."

JP and Binky

made in chelsea 2016 jp binky
For another week, JP and Binky failed to decide anything concrete about their future.

"Every time you text me, I get butterflies," JP admitted to her in an emotional face to face chat.

And while he confessed to missing her, JP added: "My heart is broken and the trust is gone."

After JP told her to take Mark-Francis' advice and spend the summer away, Binky asked: "Do you want me to move on?

"Yup," replied JP.

"I don't want to lose you though," sobbed Binky, as JP walked away.

Made In Chelsea returns in the summer for a special six-part series set in France.

Next Monday night on E4 at 9PM for a end of series postmortem hosted by Rick Edwards.

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