Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead seeks advice over split from JP

Binky Felstead seeks advice from Victoria Baker-Harber and Mark-Francis Vandelli on this week's Made In Chelsea.

It's after her and Josh JP Patterson failed to fix things in their relationship at the end of last week's episode.

Earlier in the series we saw JP dump Binky after she went on a night out, later confessing to kissing another guy.

Last week Binky's mum tried to build bridges between the pair and while they did meet up, in ended in tears as JP said he wasn't ready for a reunion.

This Monday night sees Victoria and Mark-Francis offer their advice and according to them size matters.

"Sometimes you need something with a huge spark," says Mark-Francis. "Spark".

"I thought you were going to say a huge yacht!" reacts Victoria.

The pair then advise Binky to go away with them for the summer to the South of France.

"You need to be on a yacht with a glass of champagne," suggests Mark-Francis. "You're going to have the most fantastic time, I promise. You need some wind in your hair."

But Binky fears that going away could end up in JP getting over her.

"Honestly, he's not going to get over you just like that," says Victoria.

Elsewhere in Chelsea this week, when news that Louise has hooked up with other people reaches Alik in New York, Rosie stages an intervention and begs her best friend to give Alik one more chance.

Meanwhile, Lucy finally starts to soften and considers a reconciliation with Stephanie.

Made In Chelsea airs this Monday night at 9PM on E4.