Made In Chelseas's Binky Felstead and JP agree to disagree over their future together

Made In Chelsea 2016, episode 10 recap: What happened on Made In Chelsea?

made in chelsea 2016 jp binky

Missed last night's Made In Chelsea? We've got you with all of what went down at Stephanie Pratt's 30th birthday party.

Binky and JP reunited, for 5 minutes

Following last Monday's split, Binky and JP spent the week apart leading both to miss one another.

Reuniting at Steph's party another teary showdown saw them decide to not decide on their future together.

With Binky keen to work things out, she told JP: "I'm a good girl and I deserve to feel loved and wanted. I want you to see I've made dramatic changes."

But JP wanted more time before agreeing to a reunion, prompting the pair to go their separate ways again.


Frankie and Jamie are still going nowhere

made in chelsea jamie frankie
Frankie was furious with Jamie when she heard that he said he'd be jealous if his ex Jess hooked up with someone.

Jess attempted to smooth over the situation but, no thanks to a bit of stirring from Olivia, only made things worse.


Matt ditched Jess for Louise

made in chelsea louise
Following her split from Alik, newly single Louise seemed happy to be enjoying Stephanie's party with Matt, even if he had basically just returned from a date with Jess.


Stephanie and Lucy's war continued

made in chelsea spoilers lucy stephanie
Inviting all of Chelsea to her party - including Lucy and sister Tiff - Stephanie wanted to make one thing clear: It wasn't about making amends.

"It wasn't like I was extending an olive branch, I just didn't want anyone to be excluded... I just don't want to exclude anyone, I was excluded so much this year," Steph said.

Ollie suggested: "I just think deep down in my heart that you want to be friends with Lucy again."

But Steph replied: "Maybe the old Lucy, this one's a bitch."

On receiving Stephanie's invites, both Lucy and Tiff dismissed them instantly branding the out of the blue invites "weird" and "odd".


Tiff got REALLY annoyed with Sam...

made in chelsea spoilers 2016
Despite playing the role of supporting boyfriend to Tiff's face, Sam sneaked out to Stephanie's party in order to fulfil a life long ambition to be crowned prom King.

Unfortunately, a photo of Sam in his crown kissing Steph made its way to Tiff within minutes...


And finally, Toff got to grips with all things Tea

made in chelsea toff
Starting at her first ever job at magazine The Lady, Toff found out there was LOTS to know about tea.

An expert insight from Mark-Francis and Victoria explained all from spoon etiquette to the shocking truth about what's really in teabags.


Made In Chelsea 2016 continues Monday nights on E4 at 9PM.

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